Do you need help discussing sensitive topics like; child support, custody, parenting arrangements, divorce, alimony, and do you find yourself at a crossroad when you attempt to come to a resolution?

Traditional mediators do not have training in mental health. With an extensive background in family and couple’s therapy we are able to create unique livable solutions to help families preserve their bond, wealth, and sanity. Our approach allows clients to come to a mutually benefitting compromise that works for all parties while at the same time providing them with communication tools they can implement after our sessions in future conflicts. We focus on helping our clients process the untold truth, allowing them to gain closure and understanding, in order to move on.

Family Mediation: Families often find themselves polarized by conflicts that they cannot resolve on their own. Because families are complex and unique, numerous issues occur within intact families that can be positively worked through and resolved with mediation. 

Co-Parenting: As parent coordinators we help develop co-parenting strategies with children being the focus. Disagreements such as rules, schedules, and payments can often be resolved quickly and efficiently with proper guidance and management of emotions.

Post-Divorce Mediation can be the most logical answer to work out disagreements with your ex when couples therapy seems like an uncomfortable option. Post-divorce mediation can address important issues that might not have been necessary to address earlier in the process, like how and when to introduce a new partner to children, navigating grandparents, plans to relocate and many more unexpected issues that often occur after divorce is final.

We are not attorney’s. We continue to work within our scope of practice and will not violate that. Our team will confidently refer to an attorney if the situation warrants it.


Mediation is a way to amicably deal with conflict relating to family disputes, marriage dissolution, co-parenting and many other issues.  As Private Confidential Mediators, we function as neutral facilitators, helping all parties come to a fair and livable agreement. As a Mediator/Psychotherapist, we work collaboratively with an attorney of your choosing or we can refer you to one who is knowledgable in California state law. This allows participants to feel confident in understanding the legal ramifications and possible alternatives to the decisions they make.

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Many people are unaware that there are many ways to settle a dispute without filing a lawsuit, and that using a non-litigation path to dispute resolution is nearly always better for everyone involved. If you're in a dispute and not sure what to do, contact us. Initial 20 minute consultation is always free.


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